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SIP & Hosted FAQs

SIP Trunks or Hosted PBX?


A company has 10 employees and would like everyone to have a Desk Phone. However only 3 or 4 people are likely to be on calls at any one time.

The company has 2 options:-

1) SIP Trunks:

Company would require a SIP enabled PBX (e.g. Avaya IP Office, 3CX etc), 10x IP Phones and up to 5x SIP Trunk channels.

2) Hosted PBX:

Company would require 10x IP Phones and 10x Hosted PBX User License.

Hosted PBX has lower upfront costs; PBX functionality is provided at network level. The only equipment required being
IP Phones.

However because each Desk Phone requires a User License monthly charges may be higher.

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Do I have to use your Broadband?

No. Although it may make diagnosing potential faults easier if we supply both services.

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How can I protect myself from ‘PBX fraud’? (SIP Trunks only)

We can’t eradicate the risk altogether but we have provided peace of mind that should you be the target of PBX fraud your account will warn you and automatically be suspended, i.e.

Fraud Alerting:
We can set a daily limit for a company or end-user so that when the set limit for the call spend is exceeded an email notification is automatically generated and sent to the email address(es) listed on the portal.

Fraud Suspension:
In addition to fraud alerting we also provide an additional level of security to protect our customers.

On top of the level set by fraud alerting, should the fraud suspension limit be breached then the account will be suspended.

SIP Trunks only. Daily / Suspension limits based on ‘Voiceflex Retail Tariff’ pricing. Contact us for more information.

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How long is my contract with you?

Subject to our Terms of Business we will supply service for a minimum of 12 (Twelve) months from the date the Service is first delivered to you.

However customers have the freedom to cancel service (or change provider*) at any time without penalty (e.g. early termination charges).

We will send you a final bill for all ceased products and services. Please note you remain liable for any charges incurred prior to number(s) being transferred.

*Subject to necessary porting arrangements being in place.

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How long does it take to setup?

During the week orders normally take up to 24 hours to complete (supply New telephone numbers and full configuration details).

NB Excludes any Number Porting / Equipment requirements etc.

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What do I need to use SIP trunks?

You will require a SIP-based PBX. There are 3 main types:-

1) Hybrid Phone System e.g. Avaya IP Office
2) IP PBX (Hardware Based) e.g. Grandstream UCM6108
3) IP PBX (Software Based) e.g. 3CX Phone System

You will also require a reliable Internet connection (ADSL2+ or FTTC where available) and it may be necessary to upgrade your router.

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How much is it?

For more information on pricing please refer to the appropriate link on our Products & Services page.

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Can I keep my old number(s)?

Number Portability generally allows customers to keep their number(s) when they change Communications Provider (CP). However it may not be possible to port your number(s).

The cost of porting a number and the timescales involved depend on the type of number (e.g. Single Line, ISDN DDI Number etc), and whether the number has previously been ported (this is known as Subsequent Porting).

More Information

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What happens if my Internet stops working?

Disaster recovery (or ‘Failover’) options are available.

In the event your line and / or broadband develop a fault we can re-route your inbound calls to another number of your choice, e.g. another landline or mobile phone.

Please note whilst VoIP services allow calls to the emergency services numbers 999 and 112, the ability to make calls to the emergency services using VoIP CANNOT be guaranteed.

If there is a power cut or the Internet connection either fails or suffers degradation in call quality, in case of emergency customers will need to dial 999 or 112 from a traditional landline or mobile.

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How reliable is your service?

We use UK-based carriers employing the very latest in network technology. This ensures you receive reliability of service and accurate management and billing information.

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