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03 Numbers FAQs

What are 03 numbers?

New UK-wide 03 numbers were introduced by Ofcom, the UK Telecommunications regulator in October 2007.

Calls to 03 numbers should cost the same as calls to geographic numbers, and be included as part of any inclusive call minutes or discount schemes for geographic calls.

This should apply to calls from any line. No revenue sharing will be permitted on calls to 03 numbers.

03 numbers are increasingly being used by organisations with branches across the UK instead of 08 prefixed numbers.

Unlike normal landline numbers, 03 numbers are not tied to one specific area of the UK. Calls are simply pointed to an existing landline number.

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Will my normal landline number(s) still work?

Yes. 03 numbers simply point to an existing telephone or fax number. So whether a customer calls you on your 03 number or your normal landline number, you still receive the call. However, we can only provide statistics for the calls to your 03 numbers.

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How long does it take to set up an 03 number?

During the working week orders normally go through in under 30 minutes. Urgent orders are connected one hour from point of order service levels permitting.*

Upon receipt of your order one of our advisors will contact you to confirm your instructions and answer any queries you may have.

We will contact you again when your service is live.

Please wait for this confirmation before promoting your new number(s).

*We are required to ensure that all orders for 0300 numbers meet Ofcom’s ‘Criteria for eligible bodies for 030x telephone services’.

Once this process is completed your order will be fulfilled and you will receive an Order Confirmation by email.

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What are the costs involved?

For more information on pricing please refer to the appropriate link on our Products & Services page.

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How do I pay for my number?

You will receive a full VAT invoice in the post (or by email). Unless otherwise agreed you have 14 days to pay this invoice.

Invoices are generated a month in arrears on or around the 16th of each month (so if you ordered a number in January, you would receive your invoice on or around the 17th February).

We accept payment by Direct Debit, Cheque/Postal Order, Credit/Debit card and Telephone/Internet banking.

Details of how to pay appear on the back of your invoice.

If your organisation is required to use a Purchase Order and/or Cost Centre number please speak to one of our advisors on 01326 456 006, between 0900 and 1700, Monday to Friday.

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If I used two different 03 numbers would I have to have two different landline telephone numbers?

No. We can set up any number of 03 numbers to point to just one telephone number. This gives you the opportunity to use different numbers for different promotions, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

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What information will I receive?

Online Billing allows you to actively monitor and manage your telephony services account with us.

By using this service, you can generate online reports of your telephony account, as well as administer the users within your company in order to create custom invoices.

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Are 03 numbers for everyone?

No. 03 numbers are only suitable for business use and not for domestic use. Whether you are a large company or a sole trader working from home, every business can benefit from our services.

N.B. 0300 numbers are solely available to the public sector (including organisations with a .gov.uk or .nhs.uk website) and not-for-profit organisations such as registered charities.

For a list of bodies eligible to use 0300 telephone numbers please visit:

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Can I point my 03 number to my mobile?

Subject to status all New numbers may be diverted to UK mobiles**.

Standard costings:

Divert to Mobile Service Charge (Monthly)*


Call charges to UK Mobile**


Inclusive Minutes


All orders subject to status. Terms apply. All prices exclude VAT unless stated. *For customers choosing Email Billing option (Paper Billing add £1.00 per month). Included within chargeable number types, i.e. 03 Numbers, 0800 Numbers and 0845 Numbers.**UK Mobile including Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and 3 Mobile.

The above charges are additional to normal number charges and/or rebates.

Contact us for more information.

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How can I change the number that my 03 number points to?

With Online Access:

We offer a range of services with online access enabling customers to make changes at any time.

Click here for more information.


Without Online Access:

It’s very simple. Telephone or email us, quoting your name, your business name, the 03 number(s) in question and the new number that you would like the number to point to and we will do the rest.

Please note that change of destination requests are Free of charge.

During the working week change of destination requests normally go through in under an hour.

If your change is particularly important or you have a large quantity of numbers to change please give us advanced notice of when you want to make a change (when possible).

If the person requesting the change is not down as your company’s main contact on our system, we may call you to confirm your instructions.

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Do you have any memorable numbers I can use?

As well as our standard numbers we also offer a range of memorable numbers for you to choose from. For information on pricing and availability please phone one of our advisors today on 01326 456 006.

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Can 03 numbers be dialled from abroad?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for any responsible operator to give a definitive yes or no answer.

Whether or not someone outside the UK can call these numbers is dependant on the overseas network they are using e.g. AT&T, France Telecom etc, rather than the country itself.

If you are expecting large numbers of calls from overseas, we would recommend you add a line on your website/literature that says something like ‘if you are calling from outside the UK please contact us on +44 208 123 1234 ..etc’

Please remember that callers outside the UK will need to dial the 03 number in it’s international format e.g. +44 333 123 1234.

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