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Business Landline FAQs

How does it work?

Our service uses a system called Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) to route your outgoing calls over an alternative network to BT, giving you access to competitive call rates and a wide range of services.

Its simple to change over, we manage all the processes for you and there’s no need to change your phone numbers.

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Who can use it?

Our service is suitable for business customers with ‘BT lines’ (i.e. non-Cable/LLU), who wish to access better value call rates over our network using a simple implementation process with no service interruption.

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Is switching over easy?

Transferring to our service is fast, simple and risk free. We handle everything for you and aim to have you connected to our service within 14 days. This means: –

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What is the application process?

The online application process takes literally a few moments to complete. We’ve tried to make the entire process as quick and simple as possible. The application form will ask for company and phone line details.

Once you have completed the form, you simply need to click Submit and we will take it from there.

Each application is scrutinised by our team before being submitted to BT. We monitor the progress of each order closely to ensure that transfers are completed within 14 days.

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What extra features can I get?

Line Services, also known as Select Services are the various additional features you get from BT on your current line. These are services such as Call Minder 1571, Call Waiting, Ring Back etc which we also offer but at a discount.

Transferring your Line Rental will not affect any existing services. We will continue to bill you for these services at our discounted rates.

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What happens if there is a fault or problem with my phone line?

Our dedicated Customer Services team handles all fault management. In the unlikely event that a fault occurs on the BT network and your phone line is affected simply call us on Freephone 0800 056 0856 or 0333 320 7022 (standard landline rate).

We will liase with BT to get the problem resolved. *

Several maintenance options are offered which can be applied to specific lines. These are:

* Refers to Customers with Calls & Lines. In the event of a line fault Customers with our ‘Calls Only’ package would still need to contact their Line Provider e.g. BT.

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What part of my phone service will change?

Nothing changes including your…

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What if I change my mind before CPS service begins?

No problem. You have a 14-day ‘cooling-off’ period to change your mind. To cancel the CPS service during this period you can either contact ourselves or your current provider, e.g. BT.

If you decide to choose a different provider while you are waiting for your first choice to set up CPS, you must cancel the first request within 14 days.

This cooling-off period applies to both the new CPS service and any later changes.

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What if I change my address and/or telephone number(s)?

If you change your address and/or telephone number and you want to keep CPS, you will need to contact us and follow the same process that you used to set up the service originally.

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How do I pay my bill?

Please refer to our Billing & Payment page.

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Are there any minimum call charges or connection fees?

Unlike some of our competitors we don’t have any any minimum call charges;

However, calls to certain Special numbers e.g. Premium rate and Directory Enquiries can carry a Fixed Fee and/or connection fees.

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