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ADSL2+ Broadband FAQs

What is ADSL2+ Broadband?

ADSL2+ Broadband is a high speed business broadband service. Speeds will range up to 24Mbps. Using a system called Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC), the service will automatically provide you with the fastest broadband speed your phone line can physically support, up to a maximum of 24Mbps.

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What is the stabilisation period?

This is a 10 day period from when you first connect to ADSL2+ Broadband, i.e. login and use the internet for a period of more than 15 minutes.

During this period your line is automatically attempting to establish its maximum stable rate. You may notice some variations in speed and your connection may be intermittent at times whilst your maximum line rate is established.

During this stabilisation period we recommend disconnecting and reconnecting if your line is unstable. This will ensure your line rate is set at its optimum level.

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What are the benefits of ADSL2+ Broadband?

You will notice a greater quality and reliability when running multiple tasks and faster speeds when downloading files, streaming music or video, sending and receiving large emails and when there are multiple users on the one connection.

Note on broadband filters
To obtain optimum speed it is imperative that you have a broadband filter (or Microfilter) on every BT phone socket including alarm, PDQ and fax devices.

The Routers we supply include 2 Microfilters.

If you need additional filters please contact Customer Services on 01326 456 006.

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What speed can I expect on ADSL2+ Broadband?

ADSL2+ Broadband uses new technology to automatically provide the fastest speed your phone line can physically support up to 24Mbps. The actual speed you will receive depends on a number of factors:

There are also other things that can affect your connection speed – such as the length and quality of any phone wiring extensions in your home or office, the age and type of your modem, the speed of your computer, and whether the broadband microfilters you have are correctly installed.

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What is the ‘potential ADSL2+ broadband line rate’?

This is an estimate of your maximum line rate and is based predominantly on the distance your line is from your exchange.

There are many other factors that can affect your line rate. These are detailed above. Your actual line rate and throughput may vary from this estimate.

The actual line rate supportable will be determined during the first 10 days of use, after which time the highest stable rate possible will be set.

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Will ADSL2+ Broadband run at it’s maximum speed all the time?

Your speed may change throughout the day. It will slow down during peak times or when other broadband users connected to the same exchange as you.

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What does ADSL2+ Broadband cost?

Full details on all our products are available by clicking here.

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Can I use my existing modem?

Yes. Your existing broadband modem should work with ADSL2+ Broadband. However to get the most out of ADSL2+ Broadband you should use an Ethernet or wireless Ethernet modem/router as these are designed to support the higher speeds.

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What is the upload speed for ADSL2+ Broadband?

Again upload speed may vary according to line rate. It will typically be up to 1.3Mbps.

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Is there anything I can do to improve my download speed?

There are several ways you can improve your line speed:

Speeds will vary throughout the day. They are likely to slow at peak times.

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What DNS Servers should I use?

Routers are normally configured to pick up DNS settings automatically. However the following DNS Servers may be entered manually:-


In addition you may also use Google Public DNS (e.g. when Troubleshooting browsing issues).


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